a view to tomorrow

Think big

Mississippi Mills is part of one of the fastest growing regions of the province. Understanding the potential that growth brings while ensuring the area’s unique charm and character is not lost requires forward thinking and a deep connection to this community.

More detail and context on Jane’s platform will roll out in the coming weeks but her priorities are clear:

make housing attainable 

Almonte and Mississippi Mills need a housing strategy that builds a community for all ages, stages and demographics, prioritizing integration and inclusion.

Fiscal management for the long term

Council needs to consider the short, medium and long term implications of its fiscal strategy to manage capital and operational expenditures and avoid massive one-year hikes to taxes currently planned

community and economic development

Growth must be strategic with an eye to businesses and the community. This requires a coordinated, focused and planned approach.

Stability at municipal hall

Turnover is inevitable in any organization but council must create and maintain a positive and respectful relationship with their well-qualified and professional senior staff and avoid costly legal and severance fees.